Certification structure domains and exams

Certification structure domains and examination process 

The QCA COUNCIL Foundation Exams are a 1h exam with 40 multiple choice questions. While, The QCA COUNCIL’s Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer exams are a 3hrs exam with 12 essay type questions with scenarios and explanations that an auditor or a potential implementer of a management system might face during their work.
Each exam has its own competency domains that are required from a candidate to demonstrate them well in order to pass the exam. To know about competency domains of each exam please visit  qualification or certification section of  this website, then choose the exam you're interested in and check the section "contact of the exam centre" where you'll find information about competency domains of that exam.

Levels of  examination and certification are as follows

  • Level   1       1: Fundamental / Basics concepts
  • Level   2       2: Internal  Auditor
  • Level   3       3: Lead Auditor
  • Level   4       4: Lead Implementer

All examinations are conducts through authorized global network.