Do I need to submit a new application if my certification has lapsed and I want to be re-instated?
If your certification is older than 3 years, then you will need to submit a new application form and the relevant supporting documents. If your re-application is within 3 years, we only require the renewal documents (CPD log, Audit log and declaration). Please contact us for assistance.


What should I do if the standard I have audited against is not on your list of acceptable alternatives?
Please send us a copy of the standard together with your audit logs. We will then review the documents and draw comparisons with our schemes. If we accept it, we will add the standard to the list.
When does the guidance and direction requirement apply?
This has been mandatory with QCA for all initial applications and re-grades since 1st January 2014.
Which auditing standards are accepted by QCA?
We maintain lists of all acceptable standards for each scheme. Please visit each scheme page individually to see the standards accepted.

Auditor grades

Can I apply directly for Lead Auditor / Principal Auditor grade or do I have to register at a lower grade first?
You may apply directly for the grade of your choice. You are not required to register for the provisional grade if you have the audit experience for a higher grade. The grade of certification offered is dependent on the audit experience you submit. If you wish to apply for the Lead Auditor / Principle Auditor grade, please make sure that you meet the requirements, as this can often delay applications.
Can I have more than one certification?
Yes, you can hold as many certifications as you wish on different schemes but you cannot hold two grades on the same scheme. Each certification incurs its own set of fees.
I am not sure whether to apply for the Principal or Lead Auditor grade. Which would be more suitable for me ?
The principal auditor grade is regarded as an equivalent standard to lead auditor and is intended for individuals with a high level of experience and auditing skills but who do not have the opportunity to lead teams of auditors on a regular basis.
Does QCA accept non-QCA certified training?
QCA accepts a limited number of non-QCA certified training courses as equivalents for the purpose of certification. For information on this, please see our list of accepted alternatives.
How much do the courses cost?
We do not keep details of the different course fees charged by individual training organizations. You will need to contact the training organization directly to find this information.
I completed my training course over three years ago. I now wish to apply for certification, do I need to repeat the course?
Not necessarily, your training may be accepted if you can supply us with evidence confirming that you have kept your skills and knowledge needed for effective auditing up-to-date i.e. relevant training courses, on the job training, self study etc. Your skills, knowledge and experience must have been acquired within the three-year period prior to application.
When are courses available?
We do not keep details of dates of courses presented by individual training organizations. You will need to contact the training organization directly to find this information. Or see course training section
contractWhen new courses introduce ?
Please regularly visit our website to know new courses  or write us info@qcacouncil.org